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  1. We have a Category 24 Ornamental and Turf license!
  2. You can trust the work we do.
  3. We're licensed!
  4. You won't ever need to doubt the work we do. We are licensed to do it!
  5. Lawn care is something we've grown up doing!
  6. You can always count on professionals who have years of experience, and that's us!

Look At These Numbers!

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If needed, we are covered by insurance for up to 2 million dollars! Between the two owners, Devon and Christian, they also have about 18 years of experience caring for lawns!

The experience and quality that this company has can be hard to find! Take advantage of them!

We're Pretty Picky About The Equipment We Use...

We Use Only The Best For You And Your Lawn.

Cub Cadet

Mainstay Of Our Fleet: Cub Cadet Mower

Day in and day out, this machine has become an integral part of our fleet! Cub Cadet has a name that can be trusted. We decided to put their reputation to the test and invested in their 42" zero turn mower. We are very happy with our investment.

Some of the features that we have grown to appreciate from the S-Series are the electronic fuel injection (efi) and the wide cutting deck sizes. The efi really cuts down on our maintenance. It keeps the mower working well and our business operational.

The wide cutting deck is something that allows us to keep high quality service, at high efficiency with fast mowing. We have daily schedules and goals to meet. Other products seemed to slow us down. When we made the switch to the Cub Cadet... we found that our efficiency became more streamlined.

Did we mention the suspension and comfortable seating? Its got that too.

Thanks to Cub Cadet, we are able to stay healthy and happy throughout the heat of the Georgia sun. Lawn care is arduous physical labor, but with the proper equipment in our fleet we don't shy away from even the toughest tasks.

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Stihl Edger FC 100

We Use The Stihl Edger FC100

The Stihl Edger FC 100 is a vital component of our day to day operations. What we demand and require of our equipment is that it be durable and reliable. The Stihl Edger FC 100 stands up to the test.

This is the second year that we have added this particular Stihl product to our equipment list. Now, over a year and hundreds of hours of abuse later, we are confident that we made the right investment.

One of the specific qualities that we appreciate are its ease of use with ergonomic handles and weighting. This is helpful to get through the physically demanding hours of labor that are inherent to lawn care.

Another valued quality of the Stihl Edger FC 100 is how simple it is to maintain. We keep good care of our equipment. When a product lends itself to easy maintenance, we take notice and give our appreciation.

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Frank Pecoraro

Peachtree City, GA

Date: Sep 23, 2019
First time customer. I just had my lawn care done by two professionals. They listened to what I needed and delivered. Great crew!

Date: Aug 14, 2019
Friendly and does a good neat job. Walked my yard and was very satisfied.

Renae Clarke

Peachtree City, GA

Date: Jul 3, 2019
Honest, hard workers with excellent customer service.

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Brief Bio:

Hello, I'm Devon. I have lived in Peachtree City since 1995. I was raised here and now I enjoy raising my kids here. I'm a father of 4 children who keep me busy. My wife and I enjoy biking on the local golfcart trails and kayaking on the lakes. I am committed to assuring that your lawn maintenance experience with Honeycutt Lawn Care is excellent.



Brief Bio:

Manager at Honeycutt Lawn Care Peachtree City since the beginning of the company. When I'm not at work I enjoy biking, kayaking, camping... anything adventurous. I am studying mechanical engineering. The challenge of maintaining all of our professional grade equipment in top-notch shape is enjoyable.

How Did This All Come To Be?

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At first, we had jobs cutting grass for another law care company, but we decided that we wanted to give it a shot ourselves!

While still in high school, we decided to begin our own business! It's been growing ever since!

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