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We have received 13 Reviews, Averaging 5 Stars!

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Job Details

Location of Job: Peachtree City, GA
When: Sep 12, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Weed Barrier Installation, Mulch Installation, Mulch Delivery, Bulk Mulch
Brief Explanation

This is one of our valued yard maintenance customers that we service on an every other week basis.

When we regularly mow our customer's lawns we are constantly looking at how we can make their lawn and property look better.  Our customers really appreciate that because it is important to them as well and not everyone has time to walk their yard to see what maintenance might be needed.

With this customer, we noticed that their current ground covering had thinned out and faded with the sun.  They had pine straw that was really white.

After sending them a picture and informing them that we would be glad to install new pine straw or lay mulch they were very interested.

We ended up getting the measurements and giving them a quote for pine straw with weed barrier and without as well as a quote for mulch with weed barrier and without.

Within a week we had the weed barrier and mulch ready to go and started the installation.

This job took us 1 1/2 days to complete and the end result was fantastic.


Recent Reviews

William Haney

Peachtree City, GA

Date: Jul 11, 2018
Awesome, Call Garret up and he was able to fit me in his ASAP. Did an awesome job; my yard Looks Great! Would definitely seek his services again!

"My yard Looks Great"

The Fur Pet Resort

Peachtree City, GA

Date: Jun 21, 2018
Just contracted out with them for the summer and got my first cut. Great job and was open to suggestions and seemed to value my opinion as to how I wanted it to look. So far I think I've made a sound decision. Debbie Wilson- Manager The Fur Pet Resort

"So far I think I've made a sound decision"

Ellen Poindexter

Peachtree City, GA

Date: Aug 2, 2018
Great job. Kind and courteous service. Real quick service next day

"Kind and courteous service"

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Do you know what mulch you want? (Color, Type, etc)

Do you know how much mulch you need?

Where will we be delivering the mulch?

These are just some of the questions we need answers to in order to give you a price on our bulk mulch.

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Peachtree City, GA 30269


We do more than just mulch.

We offer a wide range of yard and lawn care services.  If you need your grass taken care of, we can do that. If you need debris hauled away, we can do that. If you need pine straw, we can do that. If you need your bushes trimmed, we got you covered there as well.

We have multiple colors and types of mulch you can buy from us too!


1. What Does The Mulch Cost?


We answered this above.

Basically, all you need to do is call and talk to Robert.  He will ask you a couple questions in order to give you a price.

2. Who Will I Be Working With?


When you call 90% of the time you will talk directly with Robert.  Robert is part of our Full-Time staff in our office in Peachtree City.

After you get the mulch purchased and delivered you may be working with our installation crew if you decide to use those services.